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    About Us+More

    ??China Machinery Engineering Henan Co., Ltd.(CMEC HENAN) is the only Henan-based subsidiary of China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC, www.cmec.com, stock listed in HongKong as 1829.hk), which has been a core member of China National Machinery Industry Corporation (SINOMACH, central government owned, among Fortune Global 500). As the controlling shareholder of our subsidiary, CMEC is a large international conglomerate with focus on engineering contracting and business line covering trade, investment, R&D and international services...

    Stock Code

    Stock code:01829.HK



    Project Display+More


    • Imboulou 120MW Hydropower Plan…
    • Puttalam Coal-fired Power Plan…
    • EREN(1+1)×600MW Thermal Powe…

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